Miley’s Parents Call of Divorce! (_little_missy post)

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Hello! I’m _little_missy and I’m going to be writing a few posts for belieberzone. Don’t worry shes still posting her AWESOME NEWS!!

Anyway, everyone knows how Miley’s parents have a planned divorce, right? Well EHH!!!!!!!!!! WRONG! They called it off! They are working on reuniting their family. Billy Ray said he’s “working on getting the family back together” at a recent interview. Billy Ray also revealed “things are the best they’ve ever been” and that he and Miley are super close again saying, “I feel like we are the daddy and daughter that we were before Hannah Montana happened.”. How amazing! Looks like all the stress Miley’s bin going through was for nothing! I’m totally glad to hear that the family we all know is back and stronger than ever!

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