Look what I found! (_little_missy post)

Hi everyone! I was nosing around my magazines last night and found a old article on twitter. It gave me the sites where the stars post their own twitter posts. So I checked out Selenas ( www.twitter.com/selenagomez ). Turns out Sel is a early riser (cuz I’m writing this at 8:00 am) because the latest post was 1 min ago! She has 2 friends over right now.

 <- here’s another link incase you get bored.

 Anyway, I was poking around minding my own bissness (I’M NO STALKER!) but I didn’t see all the posts because I found a interesting video. It’s by Allstar Weekend and it’s called Not Your Birthday. I totally recommend it but be carefull cuz I heard some swearing.

 <- Here’s a link to the song.

The point is after I found something underneath  the vid. It’s a new song! It’s called Somebody! By Lemonade Mouth? It’s sung  Briget Mender. She’s really talented isn’t she? I like it! It’s on Vevo this time. Check it out!

 <- Here’s a link to the song on Vevo.

I also totally reccomend On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull.

DALLAS! lol. He always says that. I’s so funny. 🙂

<- Here’s ANOTHER LINK! (trust me, I’m getting sick of this long post too)

Lastly, and I mean lastly, don’t you think Emily is trying to be like Miley in her vid, Lovesick. Say your word in comments! Plus, Emily’s album is called FIGHT OR FLIGHT?!?!?!  Personally, I like the song but Emmy shouldn’t be singing it. But the vid is acully cool too… Anyway heres a link.

 <- Final vid/link to Emmy’s Lovesick.

 Go frecky robot, go freaky robot! LOL! TTFN!

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