New Show, Winx Club, coming to Nick next MONTH! (_little_missy post)

Bloom's Believix Transformation :)OK! _little_missy here and I’m sorry for the lack of posts. I don’t know about belieberzone, but I didn’t know how to log in with our new set up.

Ok I’m realllllyyyy excited for a new show coming to Nick! It’s called WINX CLUB!!!

Winx Club used to be on Nick or for me, YTV, but it’s amazing to have it come back with new style. Not all voice actors are recorded up heres what I know…

Bloom: Molly Quinn (Castle, that medival movie)

Musa: Romi Dames (Traci on Hannah Montana)

Diaspro: Ariana Grande (Kat on Victorious)

Layla or now Aisha: Keke Palmer (True on True Jackson VP, Jump In)

Nick will be putting on 4 or 3 one-hour episodes for those of you who don’t know about winx. This will be SEASON 5.

You can see the website now on Nick.

you can also click the photo for the link. 🙂 TTFN!

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Biggest Demi and JB fan ALIVE!! My Friends that help the site are: _little_missy

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